This dental specialty focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of structural and functional membrane disease concerning the periodontal membrane and other related tissues that surround the teeth and support them. Plaque tends to form around these vital structures and this can actually be a very serious precursor to other diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks and possibly death.

Periodontal or Gum Disease

People today who lose their teeth do so for the most part because of periodontal or gum disease. Estimates are that 80% of adults these days have some degree of gum disease, which can range from mild gingivitis to the advanced stages of periodontal disease. Gum disease can exist without the person even realizing it because it’s generally not painful and you can’t easily see it. This is why they call it “the silent killer of teeth”, although it can lead to a lot more than that.

Symptoms of gum disease: 

  • Swollen, puffy and/or red gums
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Gums bleed while brushing or flossing
  • Pus oozes from your gums
  • Loose teeth

If you have any of these symptoms call Maple Brook Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Malden to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Flossing is Vital

We hate to be alarmists but flossing your teeth on a regular basis can actually save your life! The results of recent medical research provide some shocking facts about gum disease. Apparently, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and even premature births may be more associated with chronic ongoing inflammation in the body than with other causes.

The truth is that GUM DISEASE is the most common source of chronic ongoing inflammation in the body. The recently suspected association between gum disease, strokes and heart disease is continuing to be studied, but it looks like healthy gums can actually lead to a healthy heart! Other medical studies have associated gum disease with premature or low birth weight babies. Cancer, specifically pancreatic cancer, also seems to be related to chronic inflammation caused by periodontal disease.